Trade Copying is NO LONGER AVAILABLE to customers in the United States. We are working on a new solution for you.

The Good News:
Rob uses the Finch Robot to take his trades - and you can use that same robot.

WARNING: Trading Involves Substantial Risk of Loss. Read the full disclaimer at the bottom of this page. 
STEP ONE: Open and Fund a Forex Trading Account
(You can use your pre-existing MT4 account if you like.) 

Or you can open a brand new account at one of these forex dealers or brokers:

Oanda (I like their spreads)
FXCM (I have used them in the past)
Gain Capital (I have never had an account here)

MAKE SURE THAT YOU OPEN A "METATRADER 4" ACCOUNT. This is a type of trading software that you will never need to download - but that TYPE of account lets us link up and copy trades to you.

I cannot and do not endorse or recommend any particular fx dealer or broker. I do not work for a broker or fx dealer. I work for you. Open an account where YOU want to open an account.

Some dealers or introducing brokers will offer rebates on every trade you place - if you open an account with one of these fx dealers or brokers, it could make the trade copy software free.

There are possibly other FX Dealers in the U.S. that can handle the trade copy service. If you do not see YOUR favorite dealer on the list, PLEASE do NOT email me about it. Just call your broker and ask if they have MT4, and if they do, then you're good to go.
STEP TWO: Connect Your Account to Mine
We are using 4xSolutions for Trade Copying. 

Click this button to get started:
The service costs $28 per month. I do not get any of this money. This money pays for the "trade copy software". I do not charge an additional fee for trade copying.
STEP THREE: You're Done!
When I take a trade, it will appear in your account. 

You do not need to run a VPS. You do not need to have a computer on at all times. 
Frequently Asked Questions
How much does this cost?
It's $28 per month for the software (through 4xSolutions). I do not receive any of that money. The $28 goes to the software provider to run the trade copying. If your introducing broker or fx dealer offers rebates to you on the trades you place, the rebates could make the service free for you.

Please do not email me with a "better solution" unless it your solution is 100% free and you have personally used it, and it can handle more than 1,000 accounts connected to one MT4 account, and DOES NOT REQUIRE users to have a VPS.
Is it easy to "install"?
There is no installation necessary. You'll simply need the login credentials for your trading account. I will never see your login or password. I will never have possession of your trading account funds. This is not "managed money," and I do not earn any money in ANY way for doing this trade copy service. I actually won't even know you connected your account.
I live outside the United States. Is there a different option?
Yes. Click here if you live outside the United States.
How does the trade copying work?
We've connected Rob's trading account to the 4xSolutions servers. When Rob takes a trade, or manages his trades, you'll follow along, automatically. You don't have to do anything. You don't even have to download a trading platform. 

You can manage this completely from a web browser. You can check your trades at any time. If you want to, you CAN download your broker's trading platform (MT4) and see the trades in real time and manage them, and intervene, or change something about a trade.
Is Forex trading dangerous or risky?
All trading is risky. All trading can be dangerous. 

Forex trading involves substantial risk of loss. So does every other type of trading. Trading is not suitable for everyone. I cannot promise that you will earn a return. You should never trade with money that you cannot afford to lose. Check with your financial advisor before you make any big financial decisions. Your financial advisor will tell you that forex trading is dangerous. Maybe it is too dangerous for you. I don't know. I am not your financial advisor.

Listen, here's the deal: I am going to try to continue to make 1-4% per month. I am going to keep my trade size small. I have my own money tied to this same trading account. I can't make any promises other than to say that I will work my hardest for you.
Is trade copying "reliable"?
It's good. It's very reliable.

There can be problems. Software can sometimes go down. Sometimes you will get a slightly different price on a trade than I will get. Your performance will not be EXACTLY the same as mine, but it should be similar. One reason we are using 4xSolutions is that the software has been very reliable for a long time. And it does not require you to run any software on your home computer.
What trading strategy is used in this account?
I built a trading strategy called "Trifecta". And another one called "Kingfisher". Here is how they work: I watch the 5 minute charts. I trade up to 10 different currency pairs. I wait for price to move to such an extreme that three things happen:

1) The Relative Strength Index moves to overbought or oversold.
2) Price moves outside the Bollinger Bands.
3) During the early hours, Pacific US Time

If these conditions exist, I will generally take a trade. Sometimes I will incorporate divergences and other technical indicators in my decisions. Sometimes I will use a robot to take these trades, so that I do not miss the trades.

Trades are usually open for less than 24 hours. But some trades are open for weeks at a time. If the first trade is a loser, sometimes I add a much larger second trade in order to get out of the first.
Do I have to download any software, or use a VPS?
No. Everything is run automatically. You don't ever have to download any software.
Does Rob take profitable trades?
We can't make any promises. What we will say is that Rob takes the same trades in his own live trading account. You will be taking the same trades that Rob takes in his live trading account. 
Is there an account size minimum?
We recommend an account size of at least $2,000 to get the full benefit of the trades. If you open an account with less than $2,000, some trades may not be copied into your account. (It's a trade-sizing and risk management problem). But you can start with any account size you like.
How is my trade size calculated? Can I set my own risk tolerance?
I will take a trade with, say, 1 lot. 

If your account is 10 times smaller than my account (the system will know this), your trade size will be 10 times smaller than mine.

If your account is 10 times bigger than mine (good for you, by the way), your trade size will be 10 times bigger than mine.

And everything in between. 

You will be able to set your own risk tolerance inside of 4xSolutions (using their web-based tools).
Why would Rob do this? For free?!
I love traders. I want you to be profitable. I believe that if I help you make money, you will come back and buy a course from me, or lifetime membership, or listen to the radio show/podcast, or simply tell a friend about me. This is not about money for me, it's about money for you. And if you're happy, I'm happy.